Organized tours to remote areas and community is increasingly popular. Is it a positive or negative development for the local people and the environment?

It is true that the number of visitors to remote areas is growing. Generally,
trend has both positive and negative consequences for not only the local inhabitants but
. On the positive side, developed tourism always creates more employment opportunities for the local workforce. More
are likely to find work in hotels, restaurants and other tourist service providers in these tourist destinations. Local residents can
sell souvenirs and local products
as traditional food and clothes to visitors, and
can help improve the living standards in these communities.
, in order to attract more tourists who are interested in exploring the wild, the authorities of these areas have to invest in preserving the
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rich biodiversity so that visitors can enjoy the experience.
, the fact that tourism can disturb the lives of local
and the
should be considered.
For example
, in many highly religious places, inappropriate behaviour
due to
tourists’ lack of cultural understanding may offend
living in these areas, causing great tension and conflicts. In terms of
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the environmental
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impacts of tourism, there are a number of occasions where tourists thoughtlessly throw garbage into rivers and forests.
, unfortunately, has a severe effect on wildlife which will have to live in a polluted habitat and
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to some other environmental problems. In conclusion, an increase in the number of
who are interested in visiting remote communities is both advantageous and disadvantageous to
in these communities
as well as
the local
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