Many working people get little or no exercise either during the working day or in their free time, and have health problems as result. Why do many working people not get enough exercise? What can be done about this problem?

These day's, people are working hard to meet their goals of life, eventually degrading their well-being and hygiene. There are many reasons for it, excessive work, poor time management, laziness, where as the pertaining issues can be rectified by taking certain concrete steps, which we will discuss in the essay. One of the main problems regarding deteriorating health is working overtime.
cause fitness problem,
for example
, depression, fragile body, less energy, faster ageing.
In addition
, people are getting lazier these days, which is another reason, why people are having major fitness problems, as they are not giving much attention to their body requirements. Other than that, people do have free time, but, they are not managing it properly, which result in no movement, ultimately leading to the fitness issue.
, these are the few reasons, which are responsible for weaker well-being. One of the solutions, which is, taking proper food
as raw vegetables and fruits. It is an effective solution to maintain a great health as proper meal is much more beneficial to our strength.
For instance
, as per the research of the World Health Organisation, to keep one's body in good shape and condition, taking raw foodstuff, plays an 80% role and workout plays 20% role. Other than that, doing workouts for four days a week is a good way to keep oneself fit and in good shape, which will be more effective if done with proper food intake.
, these are the few steps by which we can stay fit and healthy. To conclude, it is true that, in the race to achieve our goals, we have to work more and in doing that, we do not get time to keep our self healthy,
, these issues can be resolved by taking certain steps which are proper dieting with some exercise.
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  • Health benefits
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