Recent surveys show increased interest in relocation and travel to other countries. What may be the reasons for this trend, and what will be the possible outcome from this behavior? Provide examples for your opinion.

fast paced world, as per the database, the number of people like to visit and immigrate to the foreign nations. There are many factors behind
scenario and the range of results from
code of conduct. Both, possible factors and outcomes are elucidated in the upcoming texts followed by my opinion and suitable examples. Many people like to migrate dev countries for various causes and the foremost one is to make brighter futures of their family. As in foreign realms, a high-end salaries jobs, a lavish lifestyle, and greater ranking system in education despite their native countries, which allure the potential skill holders to relocate and settle down in other nations.
For example
, most IT persons reshape their prospective by getting jobs in the US and Canada as they provide handsome salary packages. The
popular reason to visit
any comparable
is to learn their traditions. In
contemporary world, people like to learn the diversity of nations, and they show some interest to learn different nations traditions and cultures, which drain visitors to visit other territories, where they like. In that order, to learn culture and build a quality future of their loved ones, people would like to immigrate themselves from their native nations. In
situation, there are both, positive and negative results of it. In the case of advantage, people can not only learn other
's history and valuable information, but
adopt in their lives and develop themselves
For example
, recently, most of the Indian youth like to wear jeans and T-shirts in their routine life in spite of their ethnic wears.
, there are some detrimental effects of
migration trend and the one of them is qualified national youth like to build their forthcoming in foreign nations despite serving their own native territories. The feeling of patriotism may obsolete in their life or up to an end, which may have downside impact on other youth, who want to make imminent in their own countries. In conclusion,
most people like to migrate their
to build their better future and learn different culture to improve their own lives, there are some positive and negative outcomes. In my opinion,
trend might ruin the native
as their youngsters relocate themselves and they are the pillars of the nations, which indirectly affects country's economic level.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Globalization
  • Remote work
  • Political instability
  • Living conditions
  • Advancements in technology
  • Connectivity
  • Quality of life
  • Cultural curiosity
  • Job opportunities
  • Immigration policies
  • Barriers to entry
  • Prosperous nations
  • Emotional cost
  • Healthcare
  • Living standards
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