Young people these days tend to be less polite and respectful than in the past. Whatare the causes and give your solutions?

Nowadays, many parents complain that young generation is becoming disrespectful and arrogant than in the earlier time, which grows serious concern in the nation and considering to scour these issues efficiently. In
essay, we shall discuss what are the reasons and different solutions about them.
, upbringing of the young adult is under very stress and not as well as per living standard. There are lack of necessities and many families cannot meet the average living standards.
For example
, in certain areas of China, the poverty line is very high and the absence of quality growth, and due to
young generation suffered from various problems, which leads to frustrated and angers.
, education is a basic pillar building any nation, whereas if youth kept away from
it could be a huge problem in social as well as individual.
For instance
, without proper education and study, new generation unable to take necessary steps for themselves every day, which may lead them to experience a failure in society.
In addition
, major companies and industries required sophisticated, educated people to serve them, whereas without the academic and higher studies
individuals would be ignored,
as a result
, it creates confusion and lack of confidence in them.
of all, the government needs to provide a scholarship plans and funds programs for youngsters who are not capable to pay their fees for their studies.
For instance
, Higher institutions collaborate
improvement plans with the help of government which may provide them distance learning and low-cost programs for students cannot afford commute or transportations.
, small councils in a town develop healthy livelihood programs for people who are aggressive and behavioural problem in society.
, parents need to sit with their children and elaborate them the values of societies and help them to understand how important the good attitude are. To summarize, there are lots of reasons associated with
, we can take certain measures to solve it which are mentioned above.
, it is obvious to adopt good behaviour and avoid contentious attitude to be successful in our environment.
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