Nowadays, many people cannot read or write. What problems does this cause? What measures can governments take to solve these problems?

It is a fact that in many parts of the world, illiteracy still remains a concerned matter which has gained a great deal of public attention. While the effects on individuals and society as a whole are serious, feasible steps can be taken to address
issue. When people can neither read nor write, their abilities to obtain and understand essential information are limited because in
day and age, reading, writing and adding a signature to an official document are often required.
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example, when
they have to apply for social welfare benefits, bureaucracy would be an obstacle. In terms of society,
problem might lead to social unrest.
In other words
, being illiterate makes it more difficult for people to find non-manual jobs or excludes them from other better-paid jobs. Once they cannot earn enough to support their family, they are forced to make more money, even by gambling or criminal activities. There are,
, potential solutions to reduce the number of illiterate people.
, it is vital for the government to allocate resources to provide basic literacy classes, especially in rural areas where people have poor access to even basic necessities, let alone education.
For instance
, building new schools or revamp transport systems should be taken into consideration.
, policies must be adopted to overcome negative attitudes towards education of residents. A successful case in point is that in Vietnam, it is compulsory for students
to finish
secondary schools in order to be qualified to apply for any job, even blue-collar ones, which plays a pivotal role in improving the intellectual standard of people in
country. In conclusion,
the lack of ability to read and write is detrimental to not only each
person but
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person, but
the whole nation, some possible
plans including
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plans, including
public subsidies and strategies could be carried out to decrease illiteracy rate.
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