Some people believe online reading materials should only be used for a child to learn to read. whereas others believe only printed material should be used. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In today's world technology is developing rapidly,
as a result
, all the books are easily available on the internet. While some people are of the opinion that notes and syllabus available on the websites are enough for the children to study, others are denying
and trusted on books.
, no one can deny the fact that technology has changed everything around the world, and
change is beneficial to everyone. Unlike olden days, many of them has already transformed their habit of reading books through online. Even children are showing their interest in learning through
For instance
, Covid-19 pandemic situation made the kids to learn, all their school syllabus through online.
, these technologies are helping children to continue their studies at home.
, these learning systems have many drawbacks.
, utilising mobile phone for online classes and reading books affects the children's eyes and causes some distress. And
there is a chance of getting deviated from studies. If we consider hard books,
, these are difficult to maintain and carry for the young child,
traditional method of learning is the best for normal everyday life.
For example
, my 10 years old son always plays games while reading books in online, whereas it does not happen with books. To sum up,
, reading and learning through online is easy and comfortable, it has many drawbacks that they can easily deviate from learning. In my opinion, Even though, books are difficult to carry it is best to learn in terms of safety and health.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • online reading materials
  • printed materials
  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • technology
  • convenience
  • interactivity
  • accessibility
  • visual appeal
  • physical books
  • parental guidance
  • digital skills
  • screen time
  • learning experience
  • personal preference
  • comprehension
  • critical thinking
  • creativity
  • word recognition
  • grammar
  • vocabulary development
  • reading habits
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