Task 2 As children become adults, their social behaviour changes in some ways. What are the main differences between young children’s social behaviour and that of adults? To what extent are the changes that take place good?

of children will go through some changes as they mature and become adults.
essay will examine main differences in social manners of young children and adults as well as analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the changes. To commence with, there are two obvious differences between the young generation’s
and that of adults.
, young children are adventurous and risk takers as opposed to adults, who prefer a stability.
For example
, youth are more prone to start a new career in a new country, because it seems them to be exciting, while adults are inclined to maintain a stable life.
, as children get matured, they become more flexible and social
to adults. Precisely, young children can fit into a new environment more easily, whereas adults may face some challenges to adapt to a new atmosphere. In fact, children are highly likely to strike up a new friendship with others, unlike adults, who struggle to find good friends during their adulthood. These are the main differences of children and adults in their social
. It is widely believed that these changes are generally advantageous to children.
other words, if children are willing to take risk and adventure, it may boost their confidence, that can have an important role to play in their personal and professional development.
, currently many companies and organizations have changed their management structure due to the technological advancements. The flexibility of young children may assist them to adapt to these new changes when they commence their professional career.
, to a larger extent, these
changes are positive as it may help them to be self-confident and flexible. In conclusion, children experience some changes in their social
when they get matures. There are a couple differences in social
of young children and adults.
, to a larger extent, these changes are positive, because it may increase the self -confidence of children and make them more flexible.
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