governments should spend money on railways rather than roads

At present, having seen, enormous road accidents of juveniles are taking place, which resort to increase deaths. Definitely, bureaucrats ought to introduce a zero tolerance policy, to avoid
crises. In my views, bikers under 24 must be unauthorised for driving licence. Absolutely, these key issues must be taken into consideration.
, a huge rush of motor vehicles has been found in schools as well as in coaching Centers’ parking;
, the bicycle used to be on trend, in conventional era, which was profitable for the fitness; environment; jam-packed roads. As I believe, there are no
requirements, to be daunted by wheelers until the destination is way far away.
For instance
, it has been noticed quite often, that college inmates ride motorbike not only to show-off, but
to impress their friends. Irrefutably, the authorities ought to impose an official ban against, increasingly road crashes. By seeing the aggravated accidents, the public will undoubtedly appreciate these measure steps towards the welfare of society.
In contrast
, teenagers' denial will persist, surely; but the legislation does not consider
refusals. I am totally convinced with the fact of driving prohibitions for the teen generations. To conclude, the youths are the real wealth of a progressive nation. So, to adhere restrictions for their safety is always acceptable as well as appreciable. In my opinion, the constitution ought to consider these remedial measures; because, it will be a good deterrent against the vulnerability of road accidents; it will undermine the gigantic risks of instant deaths on the way; demolish the traffic jams which is again a radical cause of these misshapen.
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  • Feasibility
  • Flexibility
  • Rural areas
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  • Sustainable
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  • Infrastructure
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  • Public expenditure
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  • Long-term investment
  • Accessibility
  • Connectivity
  • Modal shift
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