The best way to solve world’s environment problem is to increase the cost of fuel. Do you agree or disagree and give your own opinion.

It is a popular belief that raising the price of gasoline is the best solution of environmental concern. While
is adverse to some extent, I do more good than harm. There are a variety of reasons explaining why the price of petrol should be increased.
, higher cost of gas would directly discourage the utilization of private vehicles and promote the popularity of public transports. Specifically, the financial burdens which are created from higher
charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
on petrol enable people to use public transport as an alternative, in
less emission released into the air.
would relieve many roads from the heavy traffic by reducing the large amount of vehicles as well as impeding the process of air pollution and global warming.
advancement paves the way for replacing fossil fuel with “green” energy sources, which will become more attractive financially. Without
practice, people would still depend on the use of personal vehicles, which is the culprit of air pollution and several respiratory problems caused by the exhaust.
the government
could use the money earned to deal with the different environmental issue. Particularly, the authority might have to devote a large money earned of government budget to invest in renewable energy from solar, wind or water, which are proven to be an optimal option to replace fossil fuel due to its safety.
In addition
, greater fund would be invested in developing technologies and infrastructure that will minimize the emission of carbon footprints. Admittedly, the increase in fuel cost unable to exhaustively solve the world’s environment problem like the world population keeps climbing rapidly.
, with the population control methods of the government,
issue would be addressed. In conclusion, despite some advantages that other methods provided. I am completely convinced with by the fact that the benefit of higher cost of gas is more outstanding.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • carbon footprint
  • renewable energy
  • fossil fuels
  • sustainable
  • public transit
  • eco-friendly
  • economic disparity
  • greenhouse gases
  • inflationary pressure
  • environmental degradation
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