It is better for children if the whole family including aunts, uncles and so on are involved in a child’s upbringing, rather than just their parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is important to consider that raising up a
is one of the most major issues these days. Whereas some people believe that children should be raised in a big family, I would argue that, while it is helpful, it should be the parent’s task up to a point.
To begin
with, one of the most significant advantages behind the parent’s growing rather than a whole family is that the
can be easily controlled without the interfering of others.
can add a lot to their mental and physical abilities. It has been shown that multiple opinions can have an immensely negative impact on them as they see themselves in chaos, especially in their teenage period. Not only
, but the high age of a
’s relative plays a crucial role in bringing up a
For instance
, the mental thinking and desires of a grandfather are different than a father or mother.
, nowadays, many parents have jobs and there should be an appropriate place for their children to put them in. For
reason, some parents leave their children at their relatives’ homes until having their work done. It is sometimes difficult for a
to grow up at a nursery for a long period as not all parents can afford to pay the high amount of these institutes. Having said that, some families do not rely much on the hygiene and caring which are provided by these nursing homes.
, they would prefer to send them to their relatives in terms of more safety and more cleanliness. In conclusion,
it is important that a
should be raised by their parents, the benefits behind the raising of their relatives which result in extra caring and feeding should be
taken into consideration.
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