Nowadays most people learn academic study in university, but others think we should encourage them to learn vocational skills more, do you agree or disagree?

The debate over the selection of academic study or vocational training has become the issue of intense public and personal interest. While some people argue that vocational training is beneficial to some extent, I believe with the view that academic pursuit course should be promoted as the main priority of workforce development On the one hand, there are certain grounds supporting the view that vocational training should be recognized as the key to the workforce supply question. In the
kind of training appears economical and requires a short period of time,
, it is more suitable for students with limited final background.
By contrast
, to finish a university curricular and get a Bachelor’s degree, undergraduates might spend a large amount of money
while in
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while, in
fact, they are not so sure they will chase their major after graduating. In the
place, in
day and age society is
an excess
of officials and in
short of
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short, of
workers and plumbers, thereby balancing between academic study and vocational training helps to decrease the unemployment rate.
On the other hand
, I am convinced that scholastic pursuit at colleges and universities should be recognized as the key to the development of society. The most obvious proof is that taking part in intensive courses at schools is ensuring to create a generation with highly intellectual views and overarching knowledge in different aspects of life. Those people would get involved in high – ranked positions in governmental bodies, dedicating to the prosperity of the country.
For example
, it is true that the majority of people holding crucial positions in the authorities or international corporations
as CEO, or President stemmed from one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. Another necessity of promoting academic training takes root in the fact that
type of training plays
vitally important role in building research or some certain jobs.
For instance
, when it comes to some occupations like doctors or lawyers, in Vietnam context, without academic knowledge and skills learned at least 5-6 years in colleges, students could not engage in workforce employment as well as compete with other rivals in the market. In conclusion, While others champion the huge advantages that vocational schools bring. The opposite persuades me, which means in order to contribute to a prosperous society, academic training in university seems to be irreplaceable.
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