The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priority today. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer

The invention and enhancement of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priority now. In my opinion, I agree with
statement, because nowadays the fossil fuels are consumed at a rapid pace, if
situation continues to prevail, there would be no resources left for the future utilization.
, due to the stupendous number of vehicles, the requirement of fossil fuels has continuously surged. Indeed, the majority of the locomotives rely on Petrol and Diesel for their operation.
conventional fuels are not only desirable, in the long-run it could emerge as a major threat, to the atmosphere due to its toxic nature.
For example
, in most of the countries the main
of operation still depend on non-conventional resources,
the replenishing rate is not as high as the consumption rate.
, as a consequence, we desperately need an alternate
of fuel to match the demand.
, due to the stringent conditions and scarcity of resources, the request of a backup resource is emerging as a top priority among the world nations. Which on the long-run would be safer and less damaging to the environment, when compared with existing sources.
, the new alternative has to match the expectations and the efficacy should be more or less the same, when compared to the conventional fuels.
In addition
, it has to be abundant and more quick in replenishing.
For instance
, hydro power is safe and a reliable
, if it is developed well, it can replace the existing
and can emerge as a highly desirable
, it is clear that, we are on the verge of adopting to a newer condition. In conclusion, it is apparent that, our conditions are clearly indicating a sign for the need of a new propellant. Which, having to serve its purpose for at least a significant period of time.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • climate change
  • fossil fuels
  • safe alternatives
  • global priority
  • limitations
  • drawbacks
  • potential benefits
  • government
  • international cooperation
  • investing
  • research and development
  • challenges
  • obstacles
  • transitioning
  • individuals
  • businesses
  • adopting
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