Task2 Some people believe that technology has led to many positive developments in their lives, while others think technology is gradually taking over control of the way people live. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Since the
few decades, the popularity of
has increased enormously. Some believe that technological developments have brought many advantages to our lives, while others are of the opinion that
development is gaining greater control of people’s lifestyle. Both sides of
argument will be analysed before a reasoned argument is drawn.
, the evolvement of
has many benefits to the modern world. Hundreds of useful products,
for example
, from personal computers to heart pacemakers, are the direct and indirect results of
that, today a number of women can manage household chores
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while being employed at some companies due to technological development. In fact, women were responsible for taking care of
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home in the past, and that required a great deal of time and effort.
, with the assistance of technological devices,
as vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and washing machine, they can work effectively as well as manage chores in their homes.
, technological progress has positively impacted their daily lives. Meanwhile, there is another group who believes that today people are becoming more dependent on
, the effect of which has led to the loss of skills.
For instance
, young generations are relying on calculators to solve mathematical problems,
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calculating it in a traditional way.
In addition
has influenced the lifestyles of people. In the past, people would do recreational activities in their spare time, while these days people spend most of their time with technologies, which encourage people to lead a sedentary lifestyle.
is controlling the way people live as they significantly depend on it. In conclusion, it is clear that both sides have strong grounds in their view.
, in my opinion, technological advancement has numerous advantage in our life as it made people’s lives easier.
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