In many western countries there are an increasing number of couples choosing to have no children. What are the advantages and disadvantages to couples having no children?

Nowadays, especially in western countries, couples are choosing not having children.
new trend is increasing over the years, and it might bring some problems to these nations, economically and populational speaking. The biggest advantage of not having babies is that the partners might enjoy their freedom, as it is well known, children prevent the parents from doing things whatever and whenever they want.
For example
, even small trips to the
can be a stressful situation when there is a child involved. The parents must think about
chairs, tents, preparing snacks to bring to the
, what is the best time to go to the
in order to avoid the highest UV period, and so on. Another benefit is related to the couple's finance
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because children can cost a lot of money.
For instance
, the new parents to be will spend a lot of money buying clothes that will be worn only a few times, preparing the house to receive the newborn, and
saving money to send their precious treasure to the university or college. And
, the adults can focus on their careers, without being worried about the time they need to be at home to wait for their son to arrive on a school bus, or even spending time preparing their kids' lunchbox.
On the other hand
, it is said that families with child/children are happier than families without infants. It is undeniable that children fill the house with their laughs and joy! And
, those countries which families have no toddlers are suffering from a lack of workforce,
as a result
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the population is getting older and there is no one to replace those who are retiring. It does not matter if the couple wants to have babies or not, the most important thing is if they do, they must raise
infant with unconditional love, support and education. And if they decide to be on their own, they must respect other's children and do not look at them with disgust.
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