Many people believe that the high levels of violence in films today are causing serious social problems. What are these problems and how could they be reduced? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The present era, where technology plays a vital role in all conceivable domains of life, it has become evident that films have become an integral part of life for one’s enjoyment. Due to much graphics in movies, it is quite true that there is a possibility of showing non-real scenes as real. Because of
modern technology most of the scenes are made with more violence when compared to normal shoots. Today’s cinemas are
that it impacts more on society.
essay will discuss the problems and how they can be lowered.
To begin
with, most of the film consists of violence scenes due to which mainly children and teenagers affect a lot.
, children are more attracted towards the actions which are violent in nature like fighting, catching, jumping, killing etc.,
For example
, if children watch
movies they habituate to practice non -real scenes in real life and start their career in a wrong way.
, teenagers are familiarized with violent scenes due to which they make friends with bad boys. Sometimes, they are involved in crimes and end up their career in prison.
For instance
, we can hear in the news that teenagers are involved in chain snatching and home robbery and that the process of
crimes is as same as that shown in movies. As we had seen one root cause for crime is a film which impacts society, there is a possibility of reducing
For example
, parents must be very careful about offspring activities and what they are doing after their school hours. They should encourage the children to participate in sports, music classes, dance programmes etc., Beside
the Government needs to pass strict rules to avoid violence scenes in a movie and should encourage the film industry to do movies related to the moral and ethics of the society. On conclusion, one should be careful with movies which are violent and would avoid watching
movies and the Government should not give permission to release the pictures which are violent.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • desensitization
  • empathy
  • aggressive behaviors
  • imitation
  • antisocial behavior
  • normalization
  • climate of fear
  • perceptions
  • mental health
  • aggression
  • emotional regulation
  • trauma-related symptoms
  • age ratings
  • critical viewing skills
  • nonviolent entertainment
  • film industry
  • regulate
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