Some people think that teenagers should concentrate on all subjects at school. Others believe that teenagers should focus on the subjects they are best at or they are most interested in. To what extent do you agree?

It is considered by some people that the adolescents should focus on every subject, while many others believe that they should concentrate on particular ones of their interests. In my opinion, both of the thinking have equal importance and the teenagers should decide depending on their age. On
hand, younger adolescents, studying in schools should concentrate on each subject the school is offering them.
In addition
, at
young age, they need to learn about everything
that is
possible for them and as they are not enough mature to know which
is good for them, they should not pick on particular subjects to focus on.
For instance
, it is difficult for them to choose a topic that they are interested in since a pupil does not know if he wants to become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer or etc.
, younger teenagers should study and concentrate on all of the subjects at school and decide later to focus on chosen subjects.
On the other hand
, adult teenagers have the capability to decide which topic will be good for them to concentrate on. As all of them have been studied in their schools, they have clear visions of their interests and ideas about the professions in which they want to pursue their future.
For example
, they need to focus on biology in their school to be a doctor,
math and physics are the subjects
needs to concentrate on to become an engineer.
, the adult teenagers have the maturity to understand what is good and bad for them and in what they are interested to study in detail and
they can decide on their own to focus
on any particular
. In conclusion, younger teenagers should concentrate on all of the subjects to know and learn about everything that could help them to decide on which they want to focus on particularly in future.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • well-rounded education
  • versatile skill set
  • personal development
  • future career opportunities
  • identify strengths
  • satisfying career
  • successful career
  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving skills
  • academic burnout
  • diverse curriculum
  • learning experience
  • engaging and stimulating
  • solid grounding
  • well-rounded individuals
  • diverse conversations
  • different perspectives
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