The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, it has been observed that people shop online more often as compared to shopping at outlets in the local market. In my opinion, I agree that purchasing useful items via
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the Internet
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going out of the house and spending valuable time travelling to buy necessities.
has resulted in heavy losses to
brick and mortar
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shops as fewer customers are attracted towards their goods and services. It is observed that people in
generation are enthusiastic
to spend
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about spending
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the money
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that they earn but they can't because of their hectic
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, shopping through the Internet is preferred often as it can be done at one's leisure with just a click on a PC, laptop or mobile. To illustrate, people who have families to take care of and jobs to do, prefer relaxing at home on weekends and
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having fun with their near and dear ones.
due to
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the heavy
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demand for online shopping, there are unlimited offers available to customers, which is difficult for stores to match.
For example
shop keepers
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sell items, say wooden ones, for a small profit, at a fixed price.
on the Internet sellers offer discounts on card payments and free delivery options which helps
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To conclude
, even if the shops in towns and cities offer substantial discounts to the best of their knowledge it would still not be sufficient and high enough to draw customers away from online shopping.
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coherence cohesion
Focus on structuring your essay in a clear and logical manner. Your paragraphs should each present a single main idea that relates back to the overall argument. Additionally, use a range of linking words and cohesive devices to create a more seamless flow between sentences and ideas.
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Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately

Linking words are very important in your essay.

To score effectively on your IELTS exam, you should make an effort to implement short concise sentences coupled with linking words.

Almost every sentence in your essay should have a linking word of some sort.

In fact, the only sentences that can omit linking words are your background sentence and thesis.

Linking word examples:

  • firstly
  • secondly
  • thirdly
  • in additional
  • moreover
  • also
  • for example
  • for instance
  • therefore
  • however
  • although
  • even though
  • despite

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • e-commerce
  • brick-and-mortar
  • physical stores
  • online retailers
  • retail apocalypse
  • digital economy
  • consumer behavior
  • sustainability
  • commercial landscape
  • high-street
  • consumer trends
  • augmented reality
  • showrooms
  • carbon footprint
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