Some people believe that advertising is useful and informative. And some believe it provides false information in order to increase the price of products and services. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is believed by the masses that advertising is a useful and informative technique. Whilst, another group entrust that
activities provide false information in order to accelerate the price of products and services. Albeit I am prone towards the
point of view, the latter opinion
holds true to an extent.
essay will discuss both these views and will provide references to validate the argument.
and foremost, the modern era is more inclined towards the visual appearance,
multiple corporations spent a hefty amount of money on advertising. Nowadays, marketing plays an important role in boosting an organization’s revenue and visibility. Due to
, many businesses, including big and small, often creates a visual illusion which can make numerous claims despite, they fail to provide quality service to their clients.
, in turn, leads to customer dissatisfaction.
, the claims made by a majority of companies are not entirely accurate and eventually misguides the customers.
On the contrary
, these pre-existing trends are now evolving and
as a result
, businesses are considering an approach of uplifting the curtain and sharing their journey to gain the trust of the shoppers.
as, an organic farming brand adopts a strategy of not only selling its products but
showcasing the efforts of their farmers in order to get a product ready,
, embarking an everlasting connection between a brand and a buyer. I strongly opine that the aforementioned way of influencing is indeed extremely beneficial and will incentivise the organization’s growth. In a nutshell, a company should focus on maintaining the quality of a product or service they offer and conduct durational quality checks before making any false claims. Not only selling should be their main concern but the focus should be on incorporating a recurring customer base, which
leads to honest feedbacks and reviews. To summarize, I would like to emphasize that marketing certainly instigates a brand value,
, to sustain that image is something which depends on after-sale services offered to a consumer.
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