Traffic and housing problems in major cities can be solved by moving large companies, factories and their employees to the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Solutions to congestion on roads and housing issues in megacities may be solved by the migration of large companies outside the metropolis.
some believe that relocating all the companies may solve the problem, I partially agree because non-production companies, have an insignificant number of employees and would not impact on the traffic problems or issues with housing
in contrast
with manufacturing involves more people and, and would have a greater effect of relocated business. On the one hand, there are types of businesses,
in particular
non-production, that should effectively interact with other organizations and customers within the
. In these companies, staff numbers are much lower than in the manufacturing facilities. If they moved with all employees outside the
, the municipality would not solve road and household problems due to the insignificant numbers involved workers.
For instance
, the number of managers might be ten times lower than manual workers
as a result
that would not have a massive effect on cities' problems due to the difference in amount.
On the other hand
, relocating production powers and staff might solve the
's difficulties. Unlike office workers, they only work inside factories and plants.
For example
, if some productions relocate outside the
, that would reduce the number of people on the highways and in subways especially in peak hours because thousands of workers would not commute to work at the same time.
, due to the migration of production workers' families,
will decrease housing demand and on
basis, the relocation would have a positive impact on the price of housing. In conclusion, based on the above facts, we could say that a balanced decision should be made. The relocation of manufacturing and their workers could solve problems, while non-production companies' relocation would not significantly impact
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