Children who are brought up in families that do not have large amounts of money are better prepared to deal with the problems of adult life than children brought up by wealthy parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

competitive world which we are living in, there are many challenges which come in our way at every turn and only those who have strong will power are ready to face them. I completely agree that children who come from families with low income are more prepared than those who belong to rich families. Working hard from scratch to achieve something and
learning new lessons from
every time it teaches are the two golden rules which mostly middle-class people follow in their lives.
, children who do not inherit anything from their parents know from the start that they have to build their career by themselves and in the process, they work really hard whereas rich kids easily get huge amounts of money without any efforts.
For instance
, Dhirubhai Ambani founder of Reliance Industries came from a poor family,
, worked hard-fought the challenges and successfully established a company. Whereas his son Anil Ambani who inherited his property didn'
face the difficulties of
and received property for free but lost everything in few years as he wasn'
competent to run the family business because of lack of preparedness.
, one needs to achieve things by themselves and not rely on other efforts.
, children who don'
have money when they are young usually tend to get involved in works which could help in improving their conditions and in
phase they sometimes win and lose, but they learn from both the results for a successful
For example
, Mr Montex lived a tough
because of poverty but eventually overcame all the barriers and was able to create Pen's business after a few losses in its initial phase.
, his sons didn'
learn from their mistakes and in a few years, the company was forced to shut its operations because of bankruptcy.
, if one doesn'
learn from their mistakes
is bound to happen and only those children survive who develop the habit of learning from their mistakes. To conclude, most of the well-established people if we look at their past were from non-wealthy families.
On the contrary
, children who inherited high-value assets from their parents lost everything in a few decades.
, my opinion of disagreement and the supportive points proves
view is correct.
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