Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

It is argued that learning oversea has a huge array of merits and negative sides. In my opinion, I completely with
view On the one hand, Studying in a new
brings a plethora of perks.
, Learning abroad is an effective way to expand knowledge. Because student knows more cultures and traditions of the new nation.
, they could communicate easily and engage in different activities with native people. Especially, it helps them integrate into local people, acting as a contributor to having a deep understanding
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the new
, they are welcomed when they pay a visit to other states.
, following education in other state is a great way to achieve the proficiency of a
, leading to could update easily a tremendous amount of knowledge in foreign websites. Possess a foreign
plays an integral role in finding a well-paid job. Because, nowadays in the recruitment process, a large diversity of companies demand their employees who must have
as tongue mother and a new
On the other hand
, learning abroad
has a myriad of drawbacks. The
demerit is that students must take care of themselves and be independent. Because they have to live far away
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their family, their relatives and native
which not supported by anyone, giving raise to feeling lonely and remembering their family. Particularly, Having any urgent situation in their nation
do not back immediately.
In addition
, The tuition fee to extend education in a new
is more expensive than their nation where Student was born. As a consequence, learners must face an enormous amount of difficulties in finance to pay for rent flat, buy food,... In conclusion, I totally with
view that learning oversea brings a rich variety of positive things and a tremendous number of barriers
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • bilingual
  • multilingual
  • fluency
  • communicate
  • cognitive skills
  • cultural awareness
  • opportunities
  • globalized world
  • job market
  • interact
  • linguistic abilities
  • cultural exchange
  • language proficiency
  • language barrier
  • foreign travel
  • personal growth
  • academic achievement
  • self-confidence
  • enhance
  • cross-cultural communication
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