Some people think that intelligence is innate while others think that we can improve our intelligence through learning. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

It is thought by some people that intellect is donated to a person from his birth and others thought that it could be gathered by knowledge.
essay will discuss both views and in my opinion, I believe that intelligence could be earned by proper education. On the one hand, according to a major section in the society decides, brainpower can be transferred to a human since his delivery from his parent"s genes. As well as, characteristics of adults, intellect
could be transferred through genes.
For example
, most doctors" and engineers" children in the community can be seen as doctors and engineers at the end of their study life.
, there may some influence of that incident.
On the other hand
, it could not happen from birth.
, uneducated adults who have not to skill of writing even have children of professors. Because intelligence can earn from suitable schooling and correct guidance.
, if it can donate from delivery all educated peoples" children must be educated and others must be timid. To illustrate, a research done by The Harvard University, in the USA revealed that 80% of university students" parents have not proper study from their childhood and they entered into the tertiary education from their effort at the secondary schools. According to the aforementioned reasons, the mind is a talent which can achieve. In conclusion, most of the people in the community have a faith that the brain can not improve from learning while others believe it.
essay discussed both sides of notions. In my opinion, with appropriate guidance of parents and teachers and with the personal effort , citizens can be filled up with full of wisdom.
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