Everyone should stay at school until 18. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

It is mandatory for students to complete secondary
before going to work in most countries. Even some people opine that they should be allowed to drop out to pursue their own interests, I still agree that compulsory
before adulthood is part and parcel to our adolescents since they could acquire the universal knowledge and social skills required to survive in today's world.
To begin
with, high school
is essential to students in getting better opportunities after they graduate.
For instance
, learning a worldwide foreign language like English enable them to communicate and work with people around the world.
could increase their competitiveness in the job market and they may even end up working overseas.
, Students should stay on campus until 18.
In addition
, campus life is vital to the personal growth of our younger generation. We, as human, are social animals that depend on each other. It is crucial for youngsters to develop the ability to socialize.
For example
, spending time with their peers and teachers could help them familiar with communal life, which would be a valuable experience for them in the workplace.
As a result
, Secondary
should be mandatory for everyone. In conclusion, knowledge from textbooks and classes as well as the social life on campus is beneficial for students in getting more opportunities and getting along with their colleagues and other people.
, the authority should stop students from quitting secondary school before they are grown up.
, it is predicted that more and more students would leave before graduation for different reasons.
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