The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuel should be the most important global priority today. TO what extend do you agree or disagree?

Our modern world depends on fossil fuels to power our homes, vehicles and businesses. Some have argued that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources ought to be the number one priority around the world. Personally, I completely agree. The major reason why we need to find alternative power sources is that oil, gas and coal reserves are running out. Indeed, experts predict that our supplies of fossil fuels will be exhausted within the next 100 years. This would obviously have a devastating impact on all aspects of our lives. Transport, electricity production, manufacturing, to name just three sectors, would cease to operate, meaning not only unemployment but also food shortages and social upheaval. A hospital too cannot save lives unless it has electricity. It is therefore vital for governments and scientists to develop viable energy solutions to enable life to continue once fossil fuels have been depleted. In addition, alternative, greener energies are needed in order to reduce the catastrophic environmental damage fossil fuels cause. There is no doubt that extracting and burning coal, oil and gas causes pollution, habitat destruction, and even species extinction. Petrol-powered cars, as one example, are the major contributors to CO2, a driving force of climate change. If we continue to rely on these fuels, the damage to waterways, air and biodiversity could become irreversible. Finding new renewable energy options soon is thus crucial to prevent further disasters. In conclusion, there is no doubt that our use of fossil fuels puts our entire way of life at risk. As such, Finding renewable, cleaner power sources should be the number one priority globally.
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