Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, people can work and live anywhere they want. Do its advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Globalisation has made it possible for people to live and work anywhere in the world. This has become possible only due to the advancement of communication technology and transport. Although there are advantages for this, the ramifications cannot be ignored. This essay will discuss both the pros and cons of this issue. There are innumerable advantages of working abroad. To begin with, when people more from underdeveloped countries to developed ones they get better pay and this improves their lifestyle. For example, many Indians working overseas has not only improved their lifestyle but also has helped their families back home. Moreover, living in another country than their own country. For instance, many Pakistani families settled in the UK, find it safe there as the crime rate is more in their own country. Clearly, these benefits have enhanced the quality of life with much ease and convenience. However, there are some drawbacks associated with living and working in another country. Firstly, these people get disconnected from their culture and other family members. As many children of Indian families are unaware of their own native language. In addition to this, the advancement of communication is unable to bridge the gap between many couples due to which the divorce rates have gone up. According to a recent survey, divorce rates has increased to about 20% as compared to 2000. Overall, these pitfalls are minor and can be ignored. In conclusion, even though the trend of working abroad has some downsides, it is eclipsed by the advantages and has been proved to be very successful for many families
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