Many efforts have been made by countries to address challenges concerning the environment but the situation has not improved. What are the possible reasons for Environmental Degradation? Are there any solutions to combat this problem? Support your answer with specific reasons and examples?

At the outset of Millennium, environmental degradation has become a burning issue. It has reached an alarming rate , if no action is taken now; the situation would go out of hand. However, the following paragraph would highlight various aspects of the menace. To commence with, there are myriad reasons which trigger the issue and even make it worse. First and foremost is, pollution, whether it is air-water or land. Pollution causes deterioration of the environment let by human activities. For example, chemical byproducts cause water pollution and harmful gases emitted by large manufacturing industries affects air badly. Secondly, the rapid increase in population causes degradation of land as due to larger crowd, majority of land is used to construct houses for living and leftover minor land is used in food production which further, leads to soil degradation. What is more, scientific explosions also have an atrocious effect on the environment, for instance, atomic bombs tested or exposed into the air or certain explosions are made to check the output, all this concerns the atmosphere. Moreover, every problem has seeds of solutions within it. Similarly, a handful of measures should be implemented to cure this issue. Firstly, effectual steps must be taken by the government in the terms of up-gradation. In order to it , ethical setup should be constructed and industrial waste should be reduced. Beside it, awareness camp regarding the environment should be conducted. on The top of that, individuals should have 'clean and green' appeal towards mother earth. Nevertheless, afforestation should be on the topmost priority. In addition, citizens should not have a 'use and throw' approach , that means no rubbish would be produced. In conclusion, environmental degradation is high in its present scenario. Therefore, an incentive regarding carefulness and emerging patterns would make a big difference and ultimately, led to a better tomorrow.
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