Our water bodies are polluted severely. What are the effects of this and how to resolve this issue effectively.

There is no doubt that our water bodies are contaminated severely in recent time. This pollution can have huge repercussions on mankind. The main problems of this contamination are climate changes and extinction of flora and fauna of maritime. However, this can be effectively managed by adopting a set of strategies. Firstly, oceans are not only the place of fish but there many other organisms also can be seen here. Seaweeds and algae are the rich sources of protein which can reduce hunger and malnutrition on the earth. Apart from this, carbon footprints are absorbed by the water sources and clear the atmospheric pollutants for a certain extend, otherwise,the earth temperature would be increased even further. For example, recent research showed that any changes in marine life adversely impact on other living things as well. Thus, it is clear how this body is influential. Nevertheless, marine life may be saved for the better future of the world. FIrst and foremost, participation with private agencies to make necessary changes to ensure this is well protected. Similarly,word leaders need to come to an agreement that everyone takes their role to save this . For instance, there are many voluntary organisations are working towards this goal globally. Oil spillage and dumping of radio-active substances are only minimised by the joined effort of all nations. In conclusion, currently,marine life is endangered due to multiple factors, but this may be eliminated if the authority takes stringent actions against those who violate the law and policies.
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