Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is thought by some individuals that money is wasted by government on arts and it should be better utilized somewhere else. I totally agree with the aforementioned as there are many critical issues that are required to be addressed. In my opinion, one is poverty and the other is the lack of infrastructure in healthcare. Firstly, the concentration of poverty in the province is a big concern as it directly affects the economic growth of the nation. It is basically caused by the sheer unemployment in the country and the absence of adequate facilities required for nurturing the people of a nation. For example, according to a national survey about 29% of the country's population is poor and is even deprived of the basic amenities. So, the government should take measures by providing free ration to these communities so that they at least get all the essentials and do not suffer from malnutrition. Besides, It should also generate job opportunities which can accommodate skilled as well as unskilled people so that this affected population can utilize their skills to meet their ends better. Therefore, money needs to be heavily funded in this direction. Secondly, the inadequate infrastructure in the field of healthcare is hitting the nation really hard as several diseases like Covid19, cancer and other vulnerable infections are not getting easily cured. This is all because of the lack of certain elements like hospitals, staff working in them and the efficient technology for treatment. For instance, according to a statistical survey,33% of the people could not recover from covid19 and died as they were not admitted in the hospital because of the unavailability of the beds for patients. Hence, some thoughtful steps have to be taken by our governing body to enhance the facilities in this field by the construction of more hospitals, investment in working medical staff and the effective technology. All of It will certainly require good planning and huge capital investment. To summarize, I opine, instead of spending on arts that might improve the provincial financial health by attracting tourists, our governing body should rather spend its wealth to eradicate the concept of poverty and improving the field of healthcare so that it can uplift the health of the country as a whole.
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