Some people believe that people who read books can develop more imagination and language skills than those who prefer to watch TV. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is believed that books have an advantage over television in developing communication skills and imagination. I fully that readers are able to develop linguistic and imaginative skills significantly better than people who primarily watch TV. Firstly, the quantity of books and written materials is much greater than that ofTV shows, so the reader's horizons are immense, and even an ordinary reader can participate in the conversation on a much broader range of topics; in this regard, that improves communication skills. Secondly, with books, one can find many different critical views, which allows a more objective assessment of a particular issue and strengthens one's language skills, especially in the field of communication. For instance, in an official government press release they stated that the United States published 300 000 books per year as opposed to the TV industry, which produces around 500 releases per year; on this basis, books outweigh the video production by tens or even hundreds of times. Moreover, books involve thinking processes, as opposed to the TV, which involves the visual perception of information. Viewing and visual imagination are different, so when reading, we use the specific parts of the cortex that affect and develop our cognitive processes. Furthermore, the method of translating characters into pictures or video images in our minds improves the neural connections, which is a kind of mental training for our brain and improves the links between neurons, which in turn are an essential element of our brain functioning. For example, a recent study using magnetic resonance imaging done by Harvard University has shown that people who read have more active areas in the brain than those who enjoy watching television. In conclusion, as seen in the examples, it is clear that due to the volume of books and the specific features that affect the thought processes, readers have a clear advantage over television viewers and can improve language skills and imagination.
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