Do you feel it is better for young people leaving school who study further at university or go straight into the workplace? Give your reasons for answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

It is the most debatable question, whether young people should opt their further education at a university or they should go straight into a workplace. Some people believe that it is more beneficial for the youths to go to the workplaces after their schooling, whereas others argue that students must opt their further studies at the universities. I totally agree with the latter view. It has more pros outweigh cons. First and foremost, university education is the last stage before starting a professional career. Also, universities are specialized to give depth knowledge on different fields, because of these they hire some experts of a particular field to give a wide knowledge to their students in a particular manner. Moreover, they make their students more capable, not only by giving knowledge, but also by giving practical skills with the help of practical and experiments. Owing to these, these students ought to turn invaluable employees in any industry or company. For example, engineers can able to deal with any major machine failure in the industry by their theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which were trained by the universities. Furthermore, they provide opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities, when they were studying, due to this they can learn some most important qualities like competition and co-operation. On the other hand, those who go straight into the workplace would understand the value of money and know the importance of hard work in life. Also, they gain more job experience than those who study at university. They are capable of tackling any finance-related problems at own. Their mental toughness is more and they have more real-time problem-solving skills than any other else. They become self-reliant. To conclude, the universities, not only provide an academic education, but also they prepare their students for field jobs as well.
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