Some people think that sport teaches children how to compete, while other believe that children learn teamwork. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is argued whether playing sport help children to become competitive or it develops in them a sense of teamwork. I believe both of these skills are essential for any sportsman and it enables the overall development of youngsters which drive them to be successful in life. While playing individual sport or team sport, children develop a sense of competition. They need to push their physical limitation and surpass their opponent to win the match. This fighting attitude does not only help them in sport but also in their professional life, where, they have to compete with a wider crowd to attain success. Furthermore, winning in sports also gives them a sense of satisfaction, which helps in boosting their confidence and keeping their motivation high. On the other hand, teamwork is important sportsmanship which is taught when children play team-sports like football or cricket. These sports require team-members to co-operate and co-ordinate to overcome the opponents. By playing a sport like a football, youngsters learn the importance of individual team player like goalkeeper or defender in the victory of the team. These leadership skills will also support them in their future life to become a team player and build a relationship and with their future colleagues. In conclusion, both competitiveness and team effort are prime skillsets that children learn from playing sport. Competitions enhance their physical and mental strength and motivate them to excel. Nevertheless, teamwork promotes collaboration among the groups to maximize their potential.
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