Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organization.

With increasing urbanization and technological advancements, getting employment is the primary concern of every person. With that in mind, people often consider choosing self-employed instead of working in a company or organization. This essay will explore the reasons for choosing self-employment and its disadvantages. As an initial point of view, every human wants to be independent and work according to their own rules; they cannot handle higher authorities' quarrels. More prominent companies or organizations have their own rules and pressure employers to work based on their plans. Like, people in a particular domain can not explore and learn about the other domains; there is a set of boundaries. Not only the above points, but higher companies will also take the credit of ideas or work of employers by giving it their name. However, it's better to be self-employed as we get all credit of work by ourselves; no one will take your ideas. Despite the above arguments, being an entrepreneur is not an easy task; so many challenges come to the way. The foremost issue is to grab the continuous interest of customers in our product. Due to technological advancements, a person should have been up to date. Day-by day latest models or gadgets are inaugurating due to which old models are getting outdated. Also, start-ups need a high income and the experience to manage the whole business by ourselves. Getting the patent of all the products is itself a high responsibility while stating the business. Undoubtedly, having the own business or being self-employed is the best option, but several hurdles come in the way. If an entrepreneur overcomes all the limitations, then no one will stop them in the future. Like all the big companies or organizations, begin with the small start-ups.
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