Some people think it is more important to spend public money on prompting healthy lifestyle in order to spend it on the treatment for people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Primary health is the most prominent concern on earth nowadays. It is suggested by many that the government money should be spent on upgrading healthy lifestyle rather than outlaying on existing sick individuals .I to a large extent stand in favor of this viewpoint. To commence with, promoting healthy lifestyles have several benefits and positive outcomes. Firstly, better surroundings or livings, will put end to upcoming menaues, which in turn, will not only would: save umpteen lives but; will reduce the regimes fund, which was supposed to be spent on health. Secondly, the early actions can save us from the future crises therefore a sound living style is topmost precedence to concur future pandemics. For instance if the strict safety measures would have been taken to restrict the growth of COVID-19, there would have been a corona virus free place till now thus, true the saying is, ”prevension is better than cure” On the other side of fence, the pessimistic side of ignoring unhealthy people cannot be unseen, to exemplify, there are some sections in society which can not survive some vulnerable diseases without the councils support. Moreover, the suffering mortals are not by their own, their family friends often support them in these critical conditions so there are chances that communicable disease can find roots to enter into the system again, subsequently, distorting the idea of healthy atmosphere. Perhaps, authorities expenditure must be spent on some cases as well because a healthy lifestyle is a term, life with absence of diseases. In a nutshell, spending on healthy beings is important too but , however the best way for addressing many threats is to promote healthy life style
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