Some people think that the government should increase tax on unhealthy food to encourage people to start eating healthy. Do you agree or disagree?

Needless to say that consumption of fast food adversely affecting the health of a human being. Some people claimed, it is essential to impose a high tax on junk foodstuff because it may discourage people from eating fast food. In my opinion, hefty charges can reduce the consumption rate but will not motivate them for nutritious food items, and I would explain some points which strengthen my viewpoint in the upcoming paragraphs. To begin with, imposing heavy levies on fast food means an increase in price on commodities which directly affect the middle class and poor people. To be more specific, junk food like burgers, pizzas and street foods available at affordable rates at various apps like zomato and swiggy. Consequently working people and students who live away from homes prefer junk food because they do not have enough time to prepare a meal. Eventually, if the government increase the tax on fast food, it will not affect the rich people they will continue to consume it. On the other hand, there some other methods through which this problem could be solved. First is, healthy foodstuff should be more affordable and accessible so that everyone, especially weaker section of the society can easily buy it and easily approachable for the working people. Because many people are aware of the ill effect of unhealthy eating habits but the availability of ready to eat food is comparatively more than healthy products. Moreover, the government ought to organize a health awareness campaign in different areas which give information not only about healthy and unhealthy food but also explain the harmful impacts of fast food. In conclusion, nonetheless imposing hefty charges on ready to eat meals minimize the consumption of unhealthy products, but it will deter low-income groups from buying them. Health fitness programme and the awareness of self-discipline towards the eating pattern could certainly reduce the consumption rate of junk foods.
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