Large businesses have big budgets for marketing and promotion and as result, people gravitate towards buying their products. What problems does this cause? What could be done to encourage people to but local products?

There has been a worrying trend that Eminent Companies spend an enormous amount of money on diverse advertisements to attain the attention of individuals. In result, people prefer to shop their goods. Thus, community shops faced an issue in selling stock.This trend can be ascribed to a number of different reasons and must be addressed by definite actions. The primary problem is that Famous Industries hire distinguished celebrities to play role in their advertisements which local business will never be able to afford. For instance, many soap companies hired renowned personalities to work in promotion clips to portray as they personally like the particular brand's soap and that item is a part of their daily routine just to grab the interest of the population. In consequence, people prefer to trust their role model and get that product. The second problem is that In this contemporary era when everything goes digital and people started devoting more time to social-media that's why trading for notable corporations become trouble-free. They utilize a heavy ton of funds to play different digital campaigns for selling their products.people buy what looks good, spending an additional amount on decorated packaging is wastage of funds for a local organization. For illusion, Nowadays most humans contribute their leisure time on social media , then that platforms are flawless to sell clothes , shoes and many more. Companies like amazon usage google ads, Facebook and Instagram campaigns to enduring the attention which costs really high for per click and really arduous to afford for local level shopkeepers. A number of strong measures must be implemented to tackle this sensitive issue. The first solution is that the government should encourage people to value locally made products instead of international brands. for example, the government should organize some public meetings to encourage why local products are better than big branded products and why these are inexpensive conperitivelyand how they can save their hard earn money by this action? Moreover, to encourage local society towards local brands if a store cannot use expensive technologies for promotion, they should use some traditional methods. For instance, They should utilize some pamphlets , magazine and newspaper which charge not hire than 1000 Indian rupees. To conclude, there is number of reasons why associations pay a high amount of money for brand marketing and people prefer more products of big brands over local brands Consequently they face loss and it can be tackled by a number of remedies.
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