Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organization. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantage of being self-employed?

Currently, the majority of people decide to run their own ventures instead of working for a company or organization. The most possible reason for this development could be the unlikeliness to work under someone. Even though this approach has a number of advantages, it also has disadvantages associated with it. Those who do not like to be employed in an organization have a number of reasons why they do not work under someone. Although employment provides a salary, it may not be enough to cover the expenses of a person, which is the most basic expectation of an employee working for a company. While being employed, an employee might be bombarded with a huge workload and even if they completed the assigned task, the management might not appreciate them enough. Furthermore, the feeling of dissatisfaction of working in a job that is due to not having free time for themselves also leads people to think about starting their own businesses. When self-employed, they can work for themselves and have a rewarding future. For example, a Google employee who had a six-figure salary quit his job to pursue a modelling career now is a popular youtube star with a high-income company. Even though self-employment has advantages, it carries a number of disadvantages with them. As for one, it has no job security and one has to work hard and that his business generates money for him and the business to sustain. Moreover, own ventures have income fluctuations and the person has to calculate it when starting the business. Stress associated with generating income is another drawback when being self-employed. Sometimes, this may lead some people to go back to their old jobs than running their venture. For instance, I have a friend who ran a successful clothing business returned to his old employment due to the stress associated with his business. In conclusion, it can be recognized that many people like to be self-employed than working a job. While it has certain advantages for it such as freedom and the ability to expand and have a rewarding business for themselves, it also has a negative side for it, like to be in a stressful environment all the time and lack of job security.
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