Nowadays more and more business meetings and business training are taking place online.
Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Conducting business conferences and training through online are increasingly common in recent times. Thanks to the advanced technology to make
, conducting meetings and course tutorials online have many merits, it
has its own demerits.
essay will discuss, the positive and negative views of the same.
To begin
with, conducting meetings and training through the web, will save
, and costs involved to arrange these conferences. Professionals use software like Zoom, and Skype most of the times for their meetings. Employees can take their mobile out of the pocket, and join the meeting in a
as they no need to rush to the conference room to attend the meeting. While
method provides a faster way of communication between people,
encourage workers to utilise their
effectively. Employees can learn the operation through the web quickly and in less
On the other hand
, online meetings will not be much effective when compared to face-to-face meetings. Web training, some
will not give much clarity and a better understanding of the topic to the employees. When compared to face-to-face training, workers may get less input on the practice of work they are going to do.
For example
, If a person getting training physically with the trainer, he can get on-job training by watching the process, the trainer is doing.
is difficult if training is conducted online. To conclude,
development has more benefits than disadvantages,
, it will not be much effective when compared to face-to-face meetings and training.
method definitely has a strong advantage for the companies that are in online or information technology business.
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