It is common aspiration among many young peopleto run their own business, rather than work for an employer. Do you think the advantages of working for yourself outweigh the drawbacks?

It is undeniable that in today's world people's preferences towards the work have been changed. It is, therefore, the vast majority of youngsters prefer to become an entrepreneur, instead of working for someone. I firmly believe that it is far more advantageous to be a businessman, but its few potential negative aspects could not be ignored. To start own business enables the person to work and grow their business according to one's own skills and knowledge which is quite suspicious in case of working under an employer. Because it is seen that people who are working on the higher posts in the multinational companies have a different kind of strength and potential and if these kinds of people will build run their own company, then definitely they will be highly successful. For instance, there have been some recorded instances of people, who are running their family restaurant with some new techniques, are getting immense profit. Thus, being an independent entrepreneur is a big option which could be considered by young people. Conversely, there are some limitations to being a businessperson, which could not be overlooked. In order to start even a small business, one needs a large number of funds and immediate avail does not happen, that's why it demands time as well as money. Moreover, freshly graduates do not have any prior experience that how a business could be handled and due to this, sometimes people have to face the loss. For example, one textile company was established by a University graduate in 2014, in India, but lack of skills and strategies were able to shut down the company after 6 months with almost 6 lakhS of loss. Overall, the above-mentioned factors certainly need to be considered. To conclude, it is evidence that the trend of becoming a business owner is escalating among teenagers. Even though the notion has several benefits which I have discussed, but its flip side needs to be addressed as well.
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