In many workplaces, online communication is getting more and more common than meeting face to face. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

is growing in many companies at a higher rate than offline.
essay illustrates that the advantages of
trend would be more than the disadvantages. To commence with, one eminent benefit of having online
is that the financial growth of the companies.
That is
to say, the running expenses
as electricity bill, water, refreshment, security and travelling expenses can be obsolete.
For example
, some corporate manage employees from their homes
of arranging infrastructure for them and plan meetings online
of sending them abroad.
As a result
, the company’s growth will increase and
they prefer online
. Another advantageous reason is that it would allow companies to hire a candidate from anywhere in the world.
For instance
, while interview, enterprises not only judge the candidate based on their location, rather they would prefer a person's intelligence.
would be possible only if a candidate will work from their homes.
On the other hand
, there are obvious disadvantages to having online
. It would mean that personal privacy can be invaded by the companies offering online platforms like zoom, skype and others.
For example
, while installing the applications, they take permission from the individual to take access to their phone.
result in their important data can be stolen from hackers.
, with proper precautions,
data can be saved but it requires a lot of technical knowledge which everybody does not have. In conclusion, the trend of the online meeting is accelerated and its benefits in terms of financial growth eventually outweigh any negatives.
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