The majority of news being reported is bad news such as wars, pandemic, economic crisis, increasing rate of unemployment, etc. Why do you think that is? Do you think the news should be balance of good and bad news?

Nowadays, people can update new knowledge about the world via daily news, but most of the news recently tends to present negative news instead of having a steelyard in providing both bad news and good news for spectators. In my opinion, the news should be balanced between these two views in order to bring positive status for the population. On the one hand, there are many reasons why spectators have to update some negative needs. Firstly, bad news assists residents to advance their consciousness about some serious problems. For instance, Due to the out-break of the pandemic, news also provides some tips for people to protect themselves from being infected as well as providing the status of the covid-19 day by day. Secondly, due to the influence of Coronavirus, the economy of many countries is in crisis, some businesses are struggling to keep on operating which also means that the unemployment rate will partly be impacted and increase gradually in the following time. On the other hand, providing negative news too much is not appreciated as this way might turn many people into an over-concerned status. Instead of presenting bad news, media producers should promote more positive programs, such as educational programs, the natural world channel, the animal world channel, health programs, and so on. In addition, individuals also can help themselves to relieve stress by participating in outdoor activities or listening to music in order to not be influenced by the bad news. In conclusion, bad news does not totally bring all bad consequences since it still brings many helpful information for people to notice. However, to provide the information more effectively, all the information should be balanced and suitable when transferring to viewers as the way to reassure the population.
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