The only reason to work hard is to earn money.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The human being works consistently hard in modern life. According to a number of people, the reason is that individuals want to get money. I partly agree with this view and this essay will discuss whether people work hard for only money or not. On the one hand, money plays entirely a significant role in working hard. People consistently endeavour to work hard so that they can get not only more money but also high amounts of rewards. For example, most companies provide people with special rewards if they work very productive regularly. Thus, people try to be hard-working in order to get those rewards. On the other hand, there is another important factor associated with being hard-working at the workplace. Some people, who have a passion for their job, always try to be hard-working and give your best in their task irrespective of expecting any special reward because they want to feel satisfied and confident with the task which they complete successfully. For instance, studies have concluded that there is a positive link between feeling self-confident and being successful in a task which requires to be worked hard. Therefore, many people give passionately their best in a job in order to achieve a high level of self-confidence. In conclusion, many people work hard due to several reasons. I partly agree with the view that money is an important factor in the level of working hard, and also I believe that a sense of self-confidence and the passion for a job is equally a determinant factor.
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