Many parents complain about violence promoted their children through video games, TV programs and other media. Why is it happening? What can be the solution for it?

Parents have seen to be complaining about the violent behaviour of their kids and plenty of them opines that it is because of media and gaming systems. This essay intends to give the reasons for the problem and suggesting some solutions to it as well. To begin with, the main reason for parents' thinking that media is behind the scenario of violence in their children behaviour is because filming industry is more focused on TRP they get by glamorizing and enhancing the violent scenes in every show rather than the age-appropriate content. For instance, an Asian show named balveer is about the superpowers of a younger kid performing various activities which makes every kid speak against their parents without listening to them. Moreover, another reason mentioned by parents who are concerned about children behaviour is that video games which intend to serve the purpose of increasing intellectual development are designed to clear levels by killing people or by doing robbery missions these days which, in turn, makes children act according to the situation. Therefore, parents blame the media and video game designers for exploiting today's younger generations. In supporting the view of above, the act of violence, due to media and games, is happening because children are like a sponge and they soak the information from their surroundings , so, they act as they see in tv or in their free time, in that case, computer games. It is shown by researchers that child between the age of 5-12 learns the most of their social skills and they behave accordingly in their coming years of life. In a result, if they will watch violent dramas and will enjoy killing or shooting games then it is evident that they will more prone to be violent in their adult life. There are several steps which can be taken by game developers , show directors and parents in order to make children stay away from violence . Firstly, Gamming software should be designed according to the age of the children and they should be more focused on intellectual development such as puzzles, chess or carom. Secondly, Directors should direct their tv shows in a sense , that they can deliver some moral education or a welfare message to children which will make them a good citizen. Lastly, parents must take care of the kid's playlist And game content by staying with them at their leisure times, if in case child misunderstood the information; they will be there to make them understand in a right way, so, the child will benefit his or her time on games and television, too. In conclusion, it is evident that children get easily attracted to tv shows and video games thus it is everyone's responsibility to deliver and take the content in the correct manner.
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