Nowdays we are producing more and more rubbish. Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced?

There is no denying that many countries, whether developed or developing, are competing in the never ending race of growing their economies, such growth comes at the cost of many environmental concerns. One of the core issues is garbage. A steep growth has been observed in the quantity of trash and highly likely it will grow in the future, too, as many assert. Notwithstanding, this disquisition delves into the key reasons of this deary prospect and subsequently, put forward the panacea to arresting this menace. From one perspective, one of the major causes of this pressing issue could be the steady growth of industries in the modern societies. Put differently, the more production units, the more waste material. In this connection, all companies pack their products not only for safe delivery but also for sharing certain information, but once the product is delivered, packing material goes in to the trashcan. In addition to this, the invention of disposable products, highly likely, is the another major contributor to this peril. To exemplify, disposables like juice containers, cold drink bottles, milk packets, etc., are exponentially increasing the quantity of rubbish, according to a survey conducted by a waste management organisation. However, could there be a wonder drug to thwarting this worrisome trend? certainly, it follows that government must provide strict guidelines for curbing industrial waste. Apart form giving instructions, government must charge hefty fines from the offenders. Moreover, since recycling factories can convert misuse material into useful items, authorities can either encourage investors to invest in recycling industry or develop their own plants for recycling. Furthermore, if state set some best out of misuse campaigns in motion, then many would try to utilize their litter. In fine, having looked into both outlooks, as mentioned, it is evident that the ways to halting this wearisome problem are: undeniable rules, reuse of garbage, and educating people how to make something useful with misuse items.
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