Many people now undertake extreme activities, from hang-gliding to mountain climbing.

Over the period, extreme types of activity, such as hang-gliding and mountain climbing, have become more popular, especially among young people. Some people advocate this trend by claiming that the fast pace of life and its oversaturation ranged it necessary for people to seek thrills. However, I believe that it requires significant improvements in terms of healthcare and entertainment sections before making this kind of activity totally accessible. It is true that the rapid changes in the world make people look for new methods of entertaining themselves. Firstly, nowadays, the majority part of countries are experiencing a variety of economical and social changes. These changes have a great impact on the financial and social lives of society. So, people should consequently adapt to new situations, which leads to their emotional burnout. Consequently, people search for new ways of activities to distract from reality, thus they can keep their mental health. In this term, extreme activities are the best approach. They cause an adrenalin rush, so people can switch from daily routine. Secondly, modern life is overwhelmed with different types of activities. This trend makes a majority part of these activities no more entertaining for people. Therefore, More traditional activities have been being replaced by more extraordinary ones. For example, fly with a wingsuit is becoming more popular these days. Although these types of activities have several positive influences, the entertainment industry has not prepared to offer the safest activities for extremals. Moreover, healthcare and insurance systems are not used to deal with new types of extreme activities to minimize lethal. Skiing or snowboarding, for instance, can be lethal if there is an avalanche, that is unpredictable in most cases. So, existing systems are not able to ensure people's safety. To conclude, There are different reasons why people choose an extreme activity. However, There is required vital improvement to make these activities safer and more available for ordinary people.
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