In many countries, traditional foods are being replaced by fast food. This has a negative impact on families, individuals and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The rise of fast food globally is often thought to have an injurious impact on families, individuals, and society at large. In my opinion, fast food is a negative overall despite some tangible benefits. The advantages of fast food vary according to the segment of society in question. Individuals get enjoyment out of fast food, the clearest evidence of which is its popularity. Fast food is also relatively cheap and, as its name suggests, saves time. For families, the advantages are similar. In many working-class families, parents spend at a lot time and energy at their jobs and do not have the luxury of preparing a nutritious, time-consuming meal for their children. Fast food is therefore a necessary, viable alternative. Finally, society benefits in a general sense because of the employment opportunities. Fast food restaurants employ thousands of, admittedly, lowly paid workers and is a safe transitional job for students and struggling individuals. Regardless, the negative impact of fast food is greater. Though people enjoy the taste and convenience of fast food, they are doing irreparable harm to both their short and long-term health. Research has shown that the high fat and sugar content in fast food not only affects daily energy levels but also contributes to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. These same health risks extend to families, with the added caveat that children are forming potentially life-long bad habits. Society also suffers from the growth of the fast food industry as local businesses lose revenue to these international conglomerates that enrich primarily the already wealthy or foreign nationals. In conclusion, despite the benefits related to convenience and economics that fast food brings, the health drawbacks should serve as strong deterrents for countries looking to encourage these industries.
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