Some people think books are losing importance as a source of information and entertainment. Do you agree?

The world is changing day by day. In regards to this change, our perception of entertainment and receiving information has been changed as well. Gone are the day's people were reading books in order to receive information or for entertainment. In today's world, books are losing their importance regarding as the origin of information and entertainment. In my opinion, I agree and the analysis contained in the ensuing paragraphs will show the reasons for this matter. Firstly, there are new sources of information rather than books. Searching engines and online libraries are some of them. For instance, when people try to get knowledge about world news or another issue they check the internet first. Moreover, students use search engines for their school projects or their assignments. There are small numbers of students trying to reach any information via books. So, books have lost their significance as a source of information in a matter of time. Secondly, technology has been improved enormously in the last decade. There are new entertainment platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Netflix. Probably, when we ask for somebody that what would come into her/his mind as an entertainment source first, he/she may say social media and Netflix. So, reading a book could be just an option in the lack of the internet. This situation shows us that books have lost their importance as a source of entertainment. To conclude, with the help of improving technology and the internet, people have lots of options in order to get information and to be entertained. That is why reading a book is not as famous as last days. People need to accept these changes.
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