Some people believe social media is very important in our daily life, other believe it is waste of time. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

There is an ever-increasing use of technology, such as the internet and social media. It is often argued that it is an indispensable part of our survival, while others disagree and anticipate that it is a misuse of one's time. In my opinion, I believe that these platforms have more benefits. Also, this essay will examine both the aspects discussed in further paragraphs. It is quite evident that advancement in technology has provided people with uncountable things and social networking sites being a boon to everyone. With these networking sources ,one can easily connect with their loved ones and can follow famous people around the globe. In other words, one can share pictures, videos and browse other stuff of their desires. Moreover, social media is accessible anywhere at any time in the world. Facebook is a prime example where people can join anyone and has so many features to keep people engaged like one can check the videos of prominent singers, or learn some new dishes posted by renowned chef's. Therefore, these platforms are connecting people globally and gaining much popularity than before. However, many disagree and feel that social networking sites are not useful in daily life and it is a total wastage of their precious time as human interaction is deprived off. To add on many youngsters are so engaged in these sources that they do not want to spend time with their family and relatives. For example, a survey conducted by the Star newspaper found that 60% of people have cut down by not attending family unions prefer social media over the family. Thus, social media is cutting down human interaction. From my perspective, I believed that these networking sites are more useful as people are getting a source of entertainment and find some useful stuff to watch. Also, people share important news or new updates. For instance, many small companies put an advertisement for job openings or upcoming job events which can be important for new graduates. In conclusion, while there are more benefits of social media to be in touch with family and friends and to browse other news, some still feel that it is completely useless. However, as long as people are careful to keep in mind the importance of human interaction in life and not be cut down, networking sites have more advantages and plays a crucial part nowadays.
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