Online people write product reviews and opinions about services. Is it a good thing or bad thing?

It is true that people often establish their opinion about the product or services online for reviewing others or express happiness. However, in this essay explain that this positive innovative trend often make people to aware about service quality and products quantity, and most probably the companies to know about the feedback. Since getting an impression from the customers would lead to enhancement of service and let allow them to improvise the wrong comments. Opinion or feedback makes up everything to the etterment and flourishes the overwhelming development to the core. In other words, service provided by a certain area or purchased product newly should always need recognition to go forward and make more advance. Many people make comments of services whether it is good or bad, or actually how they felt the services make to clarify the failure and feel credit if it is the success. For instance, telephone company introduce customer service station to help clients in the dilemma of new features makes tremendous replays from customers that lead to double the profit of company on that year. Along with some negative effects of services they could remove and renovate company secretory reports on media. Similarly, many services and products have limitation to access and some times experience severe technical errors during use. In brief , unlikely, letters or phone call feedback might delay the process and fail to coordinate theagreement in some extend. While online feedback would be fast and secure for both the customers and entrepreneur at a time by information super high way. For example, marketing service feedback of hotel booking site like "Trivago" often reply suddenly the customers queries and suggestions. By the virtue of that, the most significant site of the booking site of the hotel was this which makes dealers happy and company thrive. To sum up, views of services through internet or modern technology enhance not only the company development but also customers. At once, old customers to reveal about service and new customers to compare the service with others, moreover company could have an advantage too.
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