In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this the case? What can be done about this problem?

It is true that a large number of people throughout the world suffering from hunger even though the farming sector has seen many technological developments. There are several reasons for this and mainly due to lack of resources and adverse weather conditions are the most among them. However, there measures to tackle this problem which will be further discussed in the essay. To begin with, Firstly the main significant cause is that food supplies are not evenly distributed among the people. In other words, it is seen that people who mostly suffer from hunger is from underdeveloped countries where they have no financial support to conduct researches in farming and also because of overpopulation. For example, in India many people suffering from famine because they no jobs and can support their families financially and in return suffer from hunger. Secondly, climate change aggravates this problem. This is due to global warming and in result, many countries are suffering from heavy floods and droughts in some regions which affects the irrigation and crops. In short, adequate rain, sunshine and nourished soil are the main requirements for growing crops. But in countries like India , in several states, it is seen that floods are rising and many regions are facing droughts and due to this there is a scarcity of food because these adverse weather conditions ruin the crops. There are many solutions that can be implemented taken to overcome this trend. Firstly, developed countries can aid poor countries by sharing their technology and financial resources so that those countries can conduct research to find solutions to tackle the famine. Consequently, super seeds and plants can be invented which could stand against undesirable natural conditions even if they are not blessed with the best weather conditions. Finally, it is essential to tackle climate change with immediate effect. Otherwise, it will impact the whole world in a negative way. To conclude, it is true that a significant number of people in the world suffer from famine even though many farming advancements are currently in use. This can be overcome by providing the knowledge and financial aids for people who need it the most.
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