Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment but population and education as well. What problems will your country face in the next ten years? How can these problems be overcome??

With an ever-increasing focus on controlling the climate changes, countries across the world have deviated from other issues like population explosion and dwindling quality of education systems which have gripped many nations on this planet. In the upcoming decade, my country might be staring at major unemployment issues and surging crime rates as the hindrances on the growth path. Taking tough economic decisions to improve financial scenarios and educating the common public on socially acceptable behaviours could curb the impending problems. Firstly, in the imminent future due to the sudden spurt in people count and digressing opportunities to work, the unemployed youth will increase by alarming numbers. In other words, unemployment will be the biggest problem which the nation will be facing in the coming decade. For instance, world-renowned economist, Raghuram Rajan has already shared a research paper which states that the country is sitting on the bomb of unemployment which might tick off soon and will bring gravest situations with it. The government authorities should proactively and progressively put their weight behind in making our nation as business-friendly and decrease red-tapism. This will boost the investor confidence to invest and set-up their factories, R&D, offices, etc here in India to bolster the economy and create more job opportunities for the youth passing out from academic institutions yearly. Thus, it becomes imperative on the part of governing bodies to take bold and tough decisions to boost the economy eventually alleviating social disparity among the societies. In addition to the above argument, the other obstacle India would face is the spurt in lawlessness rates across metro cities as the economy grows. To elaborate on the development happening in the nation has presented fair income and money only to a fragment of society while a large rural population is still looking for easy ways to earn cash and fulfil the basic needs resulting them in leading to the path of loot and lawlessness. For example, as per the recent crime records published in the leading daily, atrocities against women have risen from 15% to 21% in the past decade across industrial cities and major perpetrators are found to be uneducated rural migrants to these cities coming for meagre jobs. The legal system should ensure that the penal laws are strictly implemented while parallelly educating young children on the socially acceptable behaviours and severe consequences of not adhering to them. Hence, this would deter youth from joining the criminal world and additionally look to support their families through work that uplifts their overall strata in society. In conclusion, due to increasing population and improper handling of the education system will lead to large joblessness and crime rates which eventually can be resolved through providing quality pedagogy as well as government decisions to bolster the economy and create excessive job opportunities.
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